About Us 

WeGardn is your farm to table marketplace for everything local and fresh! Each purchase saves you time, reduces food waste and carbon emissions and supports small businesses and farmers in your own backyard.

We set out to streamline customer access to high-quality, local fresh foods in communities all over the world. WeGardn’s vision has three main pillars:

  1. Support Local Food Producers: Increasing their profits by greater distribution strengthens their ability to compete against large-scale distributors nationwide.
  2. Support Local Communities:
    1. Deliver fresh, locally produced products to an ever increasingly busy consumer base at an affordable price.
    2. Grow opportunities for healthier alternatives in food desert regions.
  3. Support Sustainable Practices: Benefits the environment & limits food waste.

WeGardn was launched to disrupt the large scale food and produce industry and provide a healthier, fresher option. We see food access as a vehicle for change especially in food desert regions, such as Philadelphia.